full view of Man In Disguise Relaxing With Sloth Necromancer painting

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Man In Disguise Relaxing With Sloth Necromancer

March 31st, 2021
20 x 16
acrylic on canvas

Had worked on this painting off and on for years until finally finishing it a few weeks ago for the Society of Washington Artists' Spring Show. Now all of the sudden Shock G (who you may know as Humpty Hump) has been reported dead in a Florida hotel... fucking Florida, man.

Why is there portrait of Tasha Yar in the background? Why is there a sloth cosplaying as Shock G as he appears (appeared) in real life? Why do I not have a giant bowl of licorice in my sitting room? I do have answers to these questions and more, but you will have to ask nicely.

I might make prints or something but in the meantime f you have the kind of poor taste in art that makes you appreciate my work, and you are a fan of the Digital Underground as well as Sloth Necromancy you can buy it from me directly.

Rest in peace, Shock G.